BBC Breakfast – Collette Walsh reviews the return of Cold Feet

FullSizeRenderThis morning I was on the red couch at BBC Breakast to chat about the return of ITV’s much loved comedy drama, Cold Feet. The first episode was broadcast last night at 9pm, and I have to say it did not disappoint. In fact, it was like an old friend (who you really liked!) coming back into your life.

The cast is older, wiser and living with a host of convincing challenges and issues that viewers can instantly tune into. Mike Bullen who created the series back in 2004, has done a terrific job in inviting into the lives of Adam, Pete and Jenny, Karen and David plus some really great new additions to the cast. My favourite being the Air BnB host of Adam’s flat, Tina, whom I am banking on being his new love!

It just goes to show that great writing combined with superb, sensitive performances, creates wonderful TV chemistry. Welcome back Cold Feet.

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