BBC 5 Live: Viva Forever! The Spice Girls’ Musical

It’s been a super-busy news week but certainly the opening of the Spice Girls’ musical – Viva Forever – has been the big entertainment story of the week.

I was on BBC 5 Live (Tuesday 11 December) chatting about just how culturally significant this band of five feisty girls were. Be under no illusions, while their bubble-gum 90s pop may not be to your taste, the Spice Girls are as famously British as afternoon tea, the Royals and the Beatles in many, many parts of the world, esp the USA.

In fact, after the Beatles, they have sold more records than any other British band and are the most successful UK female band of all time – pretty impressive.

So, and since I am old enough to be a Spice Girl (!) I have followed their careers and find them fascinating. I have interviewed every one of them over the years and even hung out in the Spice Girls’ HQ a few times when organising wedding and baby photo-shoots and interviews for OK! back in the day…

They’re a fab bunch of ladies and very savvy – great businesswomen. Naturally they have been supremely professional about supporting and contributing to Viva Forever and ensuring their legacy lasts a long, long time. Kerching!

All being well, Viva Forever will be hugely popular (especially with international visitors to London). It is likely to make the Spices many millions and introduce a new generation to their pop songs…who says Girl Power was a PR stunt now?? I for one will be keeping a watchful eye on its success.

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