Benedict Cumberbatch – Pity the Poor ‘Posh Boy’

I don’t know about you but I am not really feeling Benedict Cumberbatch’s pain at being rich and posh … and finding Downtown Abbey so common… How very dare he!

Luckily Benedict’s loaded, well-connected and posh enough to head to LA….. click here for the full story.

However, I do think its a bit ‘rich’ of him to complain about ‘posh bashing’. I know, I know, a lot of what he expressed was said with a wry smile but nevertheless, his objection at being picked on for being posh was more than facetiousness – he meant it.

Firstly, there’s a huge difference between being discriminated because of your lack of education, regional accent, class and background and being ‘picked on’ for being privileged, rich, hugely successful and very well educated (Cumberbatch went to Harrow and is the son of a couple of bohemian actors).

Yet, he is planning on quitting the UK because of our ‘posh bashing’ – He told the Radio Times: “It’s just so predictable … so domestic, and so dumb… It makes me think I want to go to America.”

He explains that he was not born into land or titles, “or new money, or an oil rig”.

Come on Benedict (seriously, only posh boys and Popes have names like Benedict!), you are hardly Billy Elliot!

The fact is, he is hugely privileged and successful and indeed, when he is not spouting such utter ‘boo hoo, I am being picked on for being a posh superstar’ nonsense, he is rightly applauded for his excellent acting.

What makes his comments so obnoxious is that he has what so many less privileged, working class actors have very little if none of – choice. His education, connections, that supreme public-school self-confidence and his lovely refined voice, have opened countless doors for him.

Luckily, Benedict can choose to go to LA and live very nicely thank you while he peruses scripts and chills on Venice beach. How many jobbing actors (or any young men or women for that matter), fed up with their lot, can say the same??

So, do stop moaning Benedict darling. You’ve not lost your house, your job or have bailiffs at the door. It is quite obnoxious to bemoan your opportunities. Yes, you will be stereotyped as an aristocrat/posh English gent… and gain roles (and a lot of money and fame) for it. Indeed the yanks will love you for it.

He adds in his interview that fame and wealth does have its advantages – he’s been punching above his weight with the laydeez… yeah, you really are having a tough time Benny.

But, remember wealth, privilege and opportunity does not maketh the gentleman. Whatever your class or background, that takes humility, graciousness and knowing when to keep your mouth shut (!)

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