Fashion & Style

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I’m a woman. I love shoes… that qualifies me as a style expert… yeh??

Well, probably not but my style pages are introduced today.. so move over Hilary Alexander!

Actually, over the past 16 years, fashion and style (while not my staple reporting topics) have been areas I have very much enjoyed writing about. But not in a dull ‘wear this’ type of way (I am no fashion PR’s donkey!).

You see, despite not being a career fashion writer, I have been lucky enough to attend many Fashion Weeks in the UK and overseas and to meet and interview several prominent designers (from Mary Quant, Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Maria Grachvogel, John Rocha, Ben de Lisi, Matthew Williamson etc, right through to high street names like Jeff Banks).

More crucially, as an entertainment journalist, in my time I’ve had a good nosy around the wardrobes of many famous women (and men) who wear these very designs.

In a celebrity and image-obsessed society, style is so highly prized and observed now that even our politicians hire stylists and fitness trainers.

I will dig out some of my old articles and upload soon but I’ve already started blogging on style – so enjoy dahling! Mwah mwah!