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Benedict Cumberbatch – Pity the Poor ‘Posh Boy’

I don’t know about you but I am not really feeling Benedict Cumberbatch’s pain at being rich and posh … and finding Downtown Abbey so common… How very dare he! Luckily Benedict’s loaded, well-connected and posh enough to head to LA….. click here for the full story. However, I do think its a bit ‘rich’ […]

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Collette Walsh BBC 5 Live – Russell Brand & Katy Perry – Announce Split

Collette Walsh BBC 5 Live: So, Russell Brand and Katy Perry have announced that their 14-month long marriage has ended. To many this has come as no surprise. The Brand-Perry partnership (despite a great start) may have actually hit the rocks as far back as February when rumours surfaced that they had sought some relationship […]

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