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collette walsh mirror 2003Collette Walsh Mirror: Researching some new celeb dinner date pieces and stumbled across this interview in 2003 when I was freelancing at the Sunday Mirror M Celebs mag. I love Paul O’Grady – he’s also got GREAT taste in dinner guests and grub!

Sunday Mirror February 2, 2003:

Dream Dinner; for Paul O’Grady – Aka Lily Savage – a Fantasy Dinner Would Include Babs Windsor and Guinness. Oh, and `Ropey Old Dog’ Sarah Jessica Parker

Byline: Words: Collette Walsh

For a start, the dinner party wouldn’t be at my house! I’d have to clean the place. No, I’d have it somewhere fantastic. I’d hire the Orient Express from Istanbul for the night. It would be magical from the minute you stepped aboard.

Pre-dinner cocktails

It’s got to be Singapore Slings. I love Singapore and I had several Slings at the famous Raffles Hotel – they were perfect. I watch how much I drink these days after my health scare, but I’d have a cocktail or two.


Starters would be simple – oysters. I love them. It’s not because they’re an aphrodisiac, I’ve always eaten them. In Ireland when I was a kid on holiday, I used to eat them all the time down on the beach in Galway. …

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