BBC Breakfast – Politicians’ Christmas Cards – Collette Walsh

Collette Walsh, 8 December 2013:

I was up super bright and early this morning to do two slots on BBC Breakfast. We were chatting about PM David Cameron’s choice of official Christmas card – something that has become an annual topic of discussion among the press, public and of course politicians themselves. The choice of image or design of a top politician’s festive card is often indicative of a wider political message – family values, tradition or change.

collette walsh smThe annual release of each of the main party leader’s Christmas cards always generates discussion (and sometimes ridicule if the key message is badly projected in an awful crimbo card!) This morning I was joined by media, branding and advertising supremo Jonathan Gabay who knows ALL about reputation management and how the right ‘branding’ can transform your public image.

He is a fascinating man and we shared some juicy stories in the green room between slots – all part of the fun of meeting new people via the famous red sofa over at BBC Breakfast.

I will aim to upload the VT asap.

Am delighted to add that directly after our slot, I was able to dash over, with about 6 minutes to spare, to Bikram yoga and keep up with my commitment to attend at least four times a week (Bikram Yoga Manchester)… as, in a Wonder Woman style, I was wearing my yoga kit the whole time under my jacket and jeans on the telly!

Cheers and have a good week ahead x

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