Yoga Workshop with World Champ Joseph Encinia – Brighton Bikram Yoga

What a huge privilege it was to attend a posture workshop led by World Champion Yoga Asana Champion, Joseph Encinia (from New York).

Joseph was in the UK to do a tour of various Bikram Yoga studios and to treat those able to attend, to a posture workshop.

20080808JosephEnciniaComboI actually attend the Manchester Bikram Yoga Studio here in the UK and it is a fantastic studio – great teachers, superb studio and really impressive facilities. I couldn’t beleive my luck however, to discover that the very weekend I was down in Brighton for my brother’s birthday, Joseph Encinia was teaching at the Bikram Yoga Brighton studio (also a lovely studio!)

A fellow yogi suggested a while back that I check out Joseph’s website and You Tube videos as he is a real inspiration. Like me, he also has the auto-immune disease RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis – this is inflammatory arthritis that effects the blood, internal organs as well the joints and is considered one of the most painful, degenerative diseases of its kind).

Amazingly, Joseph has transcended his illness and is now a shining excample of health, vitality, strength, flexibility, dedication and excellence as a master of Bikram yoga at an advanced level.

This workshop was just wonderful. I have to admit I felt a little intimidated at first as after two months in Italy (where there was no local Bikram studio) my practice had really suffered and I felt so unflexible!

I needn’t have worried. Joseph and the friendly team at Brighton Bikram Yoga made us all feel really welcome and there was a very relaxed and open atmosphere to the workshop. I loved every minute of it.

It is early days but I’m doing my best to remember the advice and insight that Joseph gave us (he taught for over 4 hours 30 mins – where does he get his stamina?!). I left feeling energised and inspired. If you are lucky enough to attend a Joseph Encinia workshop I highly recommend it.

Joseph is leading a amazing week-long workshop in Tuscany next Spring – here are the details:


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