BBC 5 Live – The Arrival of the Royal Baby – Collette Walsh

prince georgeIt has been Royal baby mania this week and it had kept myself and many current affairs/Royal commentators incredibly busy!

I have in the past covered various Royal events and weddings, so I was on stand by for BBC 5 Live and the Phil Williams’ Show for the arrival of the latest addition to the Royal Family and future heir, Prince George.

Prince George’s birth was announced at 8pm on Monday (21 July) and I had to dash into the studio as we did a live round-the-clock update with commentary on the very latest from the hospital and of course, Buckingham Palace – exciting stuff and certainly kept us all on our toes!

Here is just a snippet from the evening – it is always fun to report on something historical and this was not only that but also a really happy event for the whole nation too.

Listen here – Collette Walsh on 5 Live… yes, I got the whole name thing wrong!

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