Collette Walsh -Travel Book Club (8) – A Dip in the Ocean – Sarah Outen

collette travel showCollette Walsh and her team review another top travel read. This week’s book is a fantastic read (the whole panel loved it!) – A Dip in the Ocean by Sarah Outen.

Week beginning 20 March 2013 – broadcast times:
Monday at 9pm – Repeated: Tuesday at 10am, Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2:30pm, Sunday at 8pm

Watch on Sky 284 – Holiday and Cruise Channel

Sarah Outen is a terrific writer and conveys this epic journey with a real flair for bringing to life her journey and her courage…wow!

I love her writing style and I loved the flow of this book – I also loved that she polished off a few hundred Mars Bars to get her through this incredible challenge!

You can watch it here now…

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