Travel Book Club (4) – You Are Awful But I Like You by Tim Moore

A right romp hrough a neglected Britain...

A right romp hrough a neglected Britain…

Hi there – this week’s book for the Travel Book Club is Tim Moore’s You Are Awful (But I Like You): Travels Through Unloved Britain

Week beginning 22 April 2013 – broadcast times:
Monday at 9pm – Repeated: Tuesday at 10am, Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2:30pm, Sunday at 8pm

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Collette says: I really enjoyed this and have to say I laughed out loud at several points such were the funny observations Tim Moore makes about some of the worst places to visit in the UK.

Definitely recommend this one but word of warning it is a bit graphic in parts (!) but a good buy and read for those who enjoy travel and love a good chuckle. It is also very informative about the history and sadly the demise of some seaside towns and former tourist hotspots.

Get a copy here

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