Well done Debbie Pyrah super slimmer & inspiration

Update: Since writing this post Debbie has lost even MORE weight and her story is in today’s Sun newspaper click here

Blog: My job means I get to meet and interview some truly remarkable and amazing people.

Debbie Pyrah - Looking super sexy now she is almost 15 stone lighter (June 2013)

Debbie Pyrah – Looking super sexy now she is almost 15 stone lighter (June 2013)

One of them is super-slimmer Debbie Pyrah, who I met some months ago and whose story – her incredible weight loss of 14 stone 8lbs (204 lbs) at present – left a huge impression on me. I interviewed her and thanks to the personal shopping team at Debenhams (Market Street, Manchester) and the Benefits make-up ladies there too, we did a mini-makeover on her.

Prior to her weight loss, Debbie hated shopping for clothes but with some support and encouragement from the brilliant personal shoppers, she was in her element and even tried on her first pair of heels! (She used to live in Crocs).

She lost all that weight the natural way – healthy eating and gentle exercise over a three year period – thanks to her own determination and the Slimming World approach (it’s a very good approach – I’ve done it myself). To make it even more remarkable, she has five children and is a very busy woman!

debbie pyrah slimmerI made a point of getting her in her local weekly newspaper The Bury Times (which happened last Thursday) in order to give her some much deserved local publicity for her slimming group – she is an exceptionally committed Slimming World group leader now herself and is achieving record weight losses with the people who attend her group in Bury, Lancashire.

I knew her story had a national appeal too and I put a call into a couple of contacts. No surprises, she did a photo-shoot yesterday (how quick is that!) for a national newspaper.

Now several magazines are interested in her story and there has been TV interest too – incredible, but well deserved, she is a true inspiration.

She didn’t get a gastric bypass or surgery on the NHS, she did it the hard way and transformed her eating habits and lifestyle. I have a lot of respect for her.

She now needs surgery to have the excess skin from the amazing weight loss removed (she has lost 14 stone 8 lbs – the equivalent of a rugby player… or the boxer Ricky Hatton!) – here’s hoping a lovely cosmetic surgery group are reading and will help make Debbie’s dream come true. It would be the cherry on top of the (low-fat) cake!

Well done Debbie – lovely lady, great story.

Media enquiries for Debbie – contact me please at info@collettewalsh.com and I will get back to you, thanks.

Credit: Thanks again to the Personal Shopper team at Debenhams Market Street, Manchester
Benefits Cosmetics – Debenhams, Market Street, Manchester.

Thanks Havas PR – Manchester – for helping us coordinate the day.

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