Travel Book Club (2) – Rory Stewart’s The Places In Between – Sky 284

Week beginning 8 April 2013 – broadcast times: Monday at 9pm – Repeated: Tuesday at 10am, Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 2:30pm, Sunday at 8pm

Travel Book Club on Sky 284 – Holiday and Cruise Channel see the VT below of the show…

Rory Stewart's The Places In Between

Rory Stewart’s The Places In Between

Rory Stewart’s The Places In Between
Hi there – just a quick update for the Travel Book Club fans – this week we are enjoying Rory Stewart’s – The Places in Between.

It’s a wonderful travel book and while I initially thought it would be quite serious with its location matter (Afghanistan and surrounding areas), within the first few pages, I was hooked.

Stewart is a cracking writer – this book just flows and I am not ashamed to say that by the end I was both in an emotional heap (!) but also extremely humbled and fascinated by Stewart’s experiences. So often we consider ourselves the superior here in the modern west, but we have lots to learn in understanding such contrasting cultures and histories.

HEADS UP! next week’s book is all about the USA… grab a copy of Dave Gorman’s – America Unchained.


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