A Fashion Guilty Pleasure: Snuggle Style – Why the Onesie is Such a Hit

It’s the fashion guilty pleasure that just won’t go away. Yes, the onesie, which I wrote and spoke about last year and had assumed would dissappear as a gimmick, is still with us! In fact, these adult romper suits are just as popular as ever and thanks to several celebs and X Factor stars seen parading around in them, sales are on the rise. So, brace yourselves, it’s looking like the onesie will be the big talking-point Christmas stocking filler and the ‘hilarious’ choice of attire on by many on Christmas Day.

Why are they such a hit with us Brits? Good question! Firstly, the bad points: they are NOT flattering or that practical. If looking like an adult Teletubbie is your thing, go for it. But as they are ‘all-in-one’ there is the delicate issue of inconvenience (especially for women) when it comes to visiting the loo (!). In the interest of research I have roadtested a onesie and trust me when I say that they require quite considerable dexterity and super-fast unzipping when one requires a bathroom visit after a few mulled wines.

But still they sell.. and sell and sell…

Well, if I am really honest there is something strangely appealing about these new age Long Johns. (Shoot me now Fashion Cop). While I am personally a stictly slinky silk nightie or classic cotton PJ type of girl, there is something almost ‘back to the womb’ about popping on a snuggly, cuddly, all-in-one. They come in all styles too – from a classic plain Onesie to a plethora of cuddly animal versions including adult bunnies, bears and lambs.

Perhaps it is the all-round warmth and comfort of the Onesie that has us all tempted. Goodness knows that when the temperatures drop, keeping warm is a priority for all of us this time of year and the Onesie does have the Snuggle Factor.

But there is much more to the this Christmas fashion phenomenon. Reports have shown that sales of the Onesie have been a huge hit with an unlikely fashion-gimmick buyer… men.

Yes, men are thoroughly enjoying slipping into their Onesies, walking around like oversized babies (think George Doors from Shoot Stars) and big eejits if they are wearing the animal versions!

The back to baby element of the onesie seems to be another factor in its appeal. Perhaps all of us, especially men, love the idea of stripping off our executive suits and uniforms and getting back to our inner child – dressed as daft overgrown, adult babies.

Clearly the onesie has also tapped in to a particular corner of the male psyche that the classic pyjama just can’t reach …’The Slob Factor’. Yep, men love nothing more than returning to their cave men roots and slobbing out in the most convenient, hassle-free, low-maintenance leisure-wear possible. (Remember the shell suit?). Thus, the Onesie is proving a massive hit for the Wayne and a few Waynetta Slobs.

You only have to mention the onesie to discover some unlikely colleagues and friends own one – with pride! However it has to be said that these chill-out favourites have a questionable style value. In fact, they are totally lacking in any fashion credibility. Horror of horrors, I recently saw a not unattractive young woman sporting a leopard print onesie in a trendy bar in Manchester, complete with designer heels. It was not a good look. The rule is therefore do NOT wear the onesie in public…unless it is for a bet or charity.

However, wearing one indoors, snuggled up in front the fire, (ideally with a hot chocolate or mug of mulled wine), is a guilty pleasure that even the most precious fashionistas could be tempted by. So, here’s the Onesie, the unlikely fashion guilty pleasure that refuses to go away.

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