Collette Walsh – TV & Radio Commentator….

My work as a journalist has developed into TV and radio commentating in recent years and, thanks to my strong opinions and banter, I’m often asked to speak on a wide variety of subjects – the hot news topic of the day here and abroad, debates about trends, human interest news stories and of course, culture/celebrity and life/style…. even football.

While I have interviewed many very high profile individuals/celebrities over the years and naturally love talking on the funnier and lighter side of life, I actually talk about some pretty serious topics too.

Discussions/phone-ins on national radio and TV have included: health issues (I was diagnosed with a severe auto-immune condition in my late teens), bereavement and relationships. I’m also often called to talk about the British media and press (I’ve always got an opinion on that…) check out my Social Commentator and Broadcaster pages for more info. A growing archive of slots and VTs are here in TV & Radio.

Newspaper/news reviews

Commentating on BBC Breakfast

I studied politics at university and it remains a passion. My other key area of social commentating is reviewing the news for top radio and TV news channels. Having worked for both the tabloids and broadsheets I understand newsroom culture and love a great headline or juicy story that’s got the whole nation up in arms.

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