Homotopia Festival Opens! 35 Events Across Liverpool

Am pleased to report that Homotopia – the only Lesbian, Gay and Trans’ Cultural Festival in the North of England kickstarted last night (Thursday 25 October) over in lovely Liverpool.

Oooh it looks a jampacked and very juicy month ahead and therefore I insist you click here for the full run-down of events. Also, add the fest to your Facebook and twitter etc, so you don’t miss a thing.

Just how cool and progressive is Liverpool and its arts scene?? (and I am a Mancunian). Really big whoops and cheers to the organisers of this excellent festival which is run with a real spirit of friendliness, tolerance, creativity… and darn good fun! Enjoy.. I shall be popping over. http://www.homotopia.net/

Here’s the low-down on the fest:

• The only lesbian, gay and trans’ cultural festival in the north of England
• Over 35 events in a month across Liverpool
• World premieres, commissions, international artists, debate and comedy

Homotopia launches its ninth annual celebration of all things non-heterosexual this week from a tatty council bedsit normally inhabited by ageing drag queen Gale Force.

Specially commissioned for the festival, Gale’s bedsit has been constructed inside former knife factory Camp & Furnace.

Gale, along with Blackpool drag legend Chris D’Bray, will be welcoming launch party guests onto the set of their two week residency entitled ‘Council House Movie Star’.

Describing this year’s festival, Homotopia Director Gary Everett said:

“Politicians and religious leaders continue to attack gay and trans peoples’ human rights at home and abroad making festivals like Homotopia ever more pertinent.

“We present this cornucopia of controversial, camp and colourful culture as a proud demonstration of the rich wealth of talent that exists within our queer family.”

Homotopia recently curated an exhibition in Stockholm that attracted over 30,000 visitors and Gary Everett was due to develop cultural partnerships in Russia but was advised against doing so by the British Consulate in St Petersberg because of homophobic new city laws preventing the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality.

The festival will also be exhibiting for the first time photographs by Rachel Adams from Uganda’s first Gay Pride march that took place this summer. Homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda but they are debating introduction of the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’.

Homotopia has also booked Austrian dance company CieLaroque for a UK premiere of their show about a gay relationship in Iran, The Habibi Problem. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Iran.

Cultural institutions across Liverpool that are partnering with Homotopia this year include; the Walker Art Gallery, Open Eye Gallery, FACT, Bluecoat, Museum of Liverpool, the Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Biennial, Epstein and Unity Theatres.

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