Well-being: The Fascinating Practice of ‘Faster EFT’

As many readers are aware, I have a fascination with psychology, human nature and what triggers our behaviours and patterns – especially the ones that do not serve us well.

I am very familiar with EFT or the ‘tapping’ technique that helps individuals break bad habits and thought patterns. However, the other evening I was Googling (like you do) on dysfunction patterns and coping mechanisms… and came across Faster EFT and have to say, I am hugely impressed – particularly by the insight and common-sense approach of its advocator and Faster EFT founder, Robert Smith.

Click here to find out more but much more usefully, go to his You Tube page and enjoy hundreds of excellent videos covering a host of issues and breakthroughs. Seriously good stuff!

As you can tell, this process has hit a cord with me and so I will be writing about it again – watch this space!

Happy tapping…