Olympics Closing Ceremony Concert – A Symphony of the Greatest in British Music!

BT Live – Closing Ceremony Concert (12 August 2012)

Could the Olympics 2012 get any better??

After what has been a fantastic festival of sport and all-round good-spiritedness… I now learn that after what was a superb Opening Ceremony (seriously, how amazing!!) that the Closing Ceremony promises to be a spectacular celebration of British creativity and music.

I am so thrilled that I will be heading over to the Olympics Closing Ceremony festivities tomorrow and taking in the atmosphere over at the sell-out Closing Ceremony Concert in Hyde Park too!

Whether you are watching at home or from the Olympic stadium/Hyde Park, it is promised to be an unforgettable extravaganza – including a ‘Symphony of British Music’.

I know a LOT of top acts are expected but I am personally blown away to learn and it’s not confirmed just yet) that my absolute fave, Kate Bush may be performing!!!!

Bring it on!!!


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