Top Tips from Mike Little – Co-Founder of WordPress

Had the absolute pleasure and privilege today of brunch and several coffees with whizzkid (er, make that whizzMAN) that is Mike Little.

Mike co-founded what is one of the world’s biggest web site creation tools – WordPress (indeed my own little blog centre here at is a WordPress site).

Amazingly, he is not basking on a beach in Malibu with Bill Gates but is still true to his roots and living in wonderful Manchester.

I meet a lot of people through my work as a journalist and many of them are not always as delightful in person as they may appear on TV etc, but not Mike – he’s a seriously decent, fantastically knowledgeable (without all the gobbledygook), ‘well-clever’, all-round top bloke!

If you want to set up your own blog or have one and don’t know how it all works, then contact his company

Even better pop along to the Manchester Word Press Group – – where he often talks and advises on the best ways of getting the most out of your WordPress site and indeed on how to set one up from scratch.

Today I learned about Google Analytics, WebMaster tools, the best plug-ins and very importantly, security.

About WordPress:

The WordPress project was started by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg in 2003. It
started life as a simple way to create and maintain a blog (web log), but has
evolved into a powerful, yet still easy to use, content management system (CMS)
capable of running 16% of all the websites on the internet (about 75 million
sites use WordPress), and powering 22% of all new active domains in the
US. In fact WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS software with a 54%

Notable users of WordPress include CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, Number 10
Downing Street, Ebay, Sony, VW, and Jay-Z.

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