BBC Breakfast: ‘On The Sofa’ at Salford’s Media City

I made my BBC Breakfast ‘red sofa debut’ this morning and I have to say, it was great fun (despite the early alarm).

Click here to see video

Salford’s fabulous, state of art studios at Media City house BBC North and with it a whole array of BBC programmes that were formally produced/broadcast from London.

It is a controversial move in many ways but one which is to be expected as the BBC strengthens its resources and increasingly recognises that there is a wealth of talent and opportunity outside of the capital.

Other media should take the BBC’s lead too – for too long there has been a London bias towards media production, in all its genres – from print and radio as well as television. I know, I lived and worked in London on the nationals and glossies for many years. I returned to Manchester but still have had to commute back to the capital way too often for my work as a freelance writer and broadcaster.

Having several key BBC departments, especially BBC Breakfast, now based in Manchester (Salford) is exciting news. Not just for northern journalists and production staff, who are now getting more opportunities, but for viewers too. They will, I am sure, come to embrace the more regionally balanced element of the Breakfast news programme now. Afterall, life does not start and end within the M25…!

So, well done to the Beeb for taking such a big step. There’ll be plenty of grumps, moans and cynics but this change is good …and Manchester and Salford’s Media City are vibrant and creative hubs

Plus, life is just a little less frantic here – no jam-packed tubes; affordable housing in good areas; great social life and a vibrant arts/sports scene. We’re only two hours away from central London by train (even quicker by air) – thanks to our brilliant transport links. Also, our northern, friendly charm and earthiness just makes the quality of life that bit easier…. Okay, I’ll stop there…now I’m being biased!


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