BBC 5 Live: Absolutely Fabulous Dahling!

I was a huge fan of BBC comedy Ab Fab in its day, so the news that Jennifer Saunders is to deliver three special episodes to celebrate Ab Fab’s 20th anniversary this year definitely put a smile on my face. It was a brilliantly written show (esp the early series) and with finely tuned female characters and a superb cast. I can’t wait to see what Edina and Patsy have been up to… I wonder if they’ve been hit by the recession and are on Cava now instead of Bolly!?

Actually, I was on BBC 5 Live last night chatting about the return of Ab Fab and we had a couple of callers remark that Ab Fab has had its day and that new comedy should be getting the investment from the beeb… actually I disagree.

I think there is space for celebrating classic, hugely popular series like Ab Fab with one-off specials (in this case just 3 shows). I don’t think the public’s appetite would stretch to a whole new series however and that’s because we have a new generation of writers bringing us clever formats (Miranda, Lead Balloon, etc). So, here’s raising a glass of fizz to Ab Fab!

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