Domestic bliss..?

Am on BBC 5 Live later…. with the one and only John McCririck. We are debating housework, following a report that men are now doing more house chores than ever. Sounds good doesn’t it – all these men with their Marigolds on and pegs in their mouths, hanging out their smalls with dedication and pride!

Actually the truth is that men are only doing 27 minutes more housework a day than they did 10 years ago..that’s an extra three mins or so a day built up over a decade…hardly revolutionary.

I don’t have a problem with women (or men) who wish to be full-time homemakers but if you are a working woman living with a man; sharing house chores is important if not essential to love, peace and harmony.

I already know John will be a total caveman about even the idea of a man lifting a finger in the name of domesticity.

However, with men remaining in their batchelor years much longer these days, knowing how to cook and clean are not just admirable ‘extra’ qualities but essential.

I will add a link to the debate asap.

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